Muffler Services

Stock Muffler
With manufacturers putting flex pipes in the same part as catalytic converters , most shops would have to replace the whole expensive converter assembly! Here at Eco muffler we pride ourselves on our ability to replace just flex pipes and save the rest of these very expensive units, saving our customers hundreds of dollars.

Our stock exhaust line is meant to take the place of a worn out factory exhaust. A stock exhaust is meant to be quiet, just like the exhaust that came on vehicles straight from the factory, without the high prices of a factory exhaust! Our stock exhaust is made of high quality aluminized steel and can be custom bent, or pre bent depending on application. We can also perform money saving repairs such as stock flex pipe and resonator repair!

Performance Muffler
Our performance exhaust line is for people trying to add a little sound, and performance to their exhaust. We stock many different brands of performance exhaust, and can also make our own performance systems in house! So if you're looking for a better sound, increased horsepower, better gas mileage, or just simply some bragging rights, come on down and have us evaluate your system, and we'll come up with the right muffler for your needs! We can also build complete stainless steel exhaust systems, whether it be a complete dual exhaust, or just simply swapping out a muffler, we are sure to have the right parts for you!

Eco Muffler CenterEco Muffler Center

From stock mufflers to custom performance exhaust systems, let Eco Muffler Center take care of your vehicle’s muffler and exhaust service needs.